Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Words Just Can't Express Our Thanks....

Dear Amazing, Generous, Thoughtful, Caring …did I say AMAZING? Knitters,

We are utterly speechless and teary-eyed over here at Casa baby oven to be the recipients of this generous gift that you have given us. When I read Sarah’s post and began clicking to see an actual virtual baby shower created for the boys, the powers of a knitting community became clear - for cripes sakes, when is a knitter planning to run for President???

Wanting a family was something we dreamed about and as mom always says “be careful what you wish for, you just may get it!” (By the way. this is the same mom who carries one of many multiple genes on my side of the family). Coming from a line of knitters, it was a given that our children would follow in the tradition of wearing hand knits. Our family has a cedar chest that stores all the hats, blankets, mittens, scarves, etc that my great grandma and grandma knit for us when we were growing up– what memories – still have those pair of mittens with chew holes at the end from my childhood border collie pulling me off the toboggan ! So of course within weeks of us finding we were preggers, I casted on and began to knit. Then the following ultrasound showing twins prompted a call to my mom asking her how long she had to wear that sling from her carpal tunnel surgery and when could she start knitting again? Fast forward a few weeks to the next ultrasound and even more news (1 in 8,000 odds we were told), I accepted this was beyond me (and after I failed to convince hubby that knitting was THE new manly extreme sport).

All of you have made my dream a reality and I can promise you that each item will be cherished and cared for with love and that once they are outgrown, they will be tucked away in a cedar chest for when these boys grow up. And, if they decide to have children of their own, they can share with their children about giving, sharing, and being part of a community and maybe even teach them how to cast on!. Thanks to each one of you!



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