Monday, October 30, 2006

Pile O'Hats

This is my first Blogger post so my apologies if it's messed up.

Here is a pile o'preemie hats. I read that preemies have to wear a hat whenever they're outside of the incubator, so they don't lose heat and waste energy. The plain blue are super-preemie (under 4 lbs), and the gray one is regular preemie (over 4 lbs.). I was going to make more, but then I saw the number of preemie hats that someone else made, and I, thanks. I think we have plenty, so I started on something more fun instead.

These look rather deformed in the picture, but they're quite cute and actually head-shaped when the ribbing is stretched out. They're all washable wool (Baby Ull).

Hopefully the super-preemie ones won't be needed if the babies stay put long enough. These could possibly be donated to the hospital for future preemies if they're not needed, or when the boys are done with them.

Now I just need an address to send them to and I'll be all set!


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