Saturday, December 02, 2006

Many Thanks to all of You!

As Sarah already mentioned, we did the exhange and WOW! That's a lot of knits!!!! As some of you may know from my blog, we immediately headed to the hospital after dropping off the knits at home to meet up with the ambulance to head to U of M hospital. Austin underwent open heart surgery to patch a Ventriculat Septal Defect in his heart on Friday. He is recovering slow but sure and we hope to all be home together in a couple weeks.

Please Please do not think we have forgotten all these lovely gifts - Noel and I both want everyone to know that we plan to delve into them ASAP and start clicking the photos ;) Our battery recharger will be put in overdrive!

Austin is still very small and swims in the tiniest of preemie caps so no knit will be outgrown. Gerrit is thriving (I'm already worrying about what our grocery bills will be like in a few short years the way this guy sucks his bottles down and I have started to count my fingers to make sure I'm didn't loose any during his mealtimes).

I feel so blessed to have become a part of the knitting community both in person and virtual - all your kindness during the loss of Eli and your continued motivation and well wishes for the boys is something that has really touched me and our family. Please accept a big virtual hug from me and the fam and well wishes to all of you for a happy holiday season. The only thing I have left to ask of each of you is to hold your family tight and dear and never forget how much you love each and every one of them even if they do things that make it hard to love them. We feel so blessed with these boys and for Elija who touched and changed us in ways that words can never explain.