Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Poison Ivy vs. a condo

The good news?? The Blond Bombshell(known as Caitlin) has arrived by plane. She actually flew by herself for the first time-and got bumped up to 1st class and a window seat. Being extremely blond gets her just about anything. She had a great time. We picked her up at the Detroit Airport . Her Papa left the next day with Uncle Matt and flew to Las Vegas for a Convention so it has been BB and me alone . I need a nap.
So far we have attended a graduation party, worked at the Yarn Garden while Lindsay(the new owner) went to TNNA , and have played many games of Uno and Sorry. We also hosted the Great Carsoni(grandson Carsen) for a day of play-it poured. His Mom and I both needed naps.
Some knitting has been going on. Her sweater coat(no pattern, I'm winging it--scary huh??!) is almost done. A baby dress from Bamboo (Yarn Garden) is almost done and I am almost out of Malabrigo. Thank God Lindsay ordered lots for the YG. That sweater coat is eating up the Malabrigo chunky. Caitlin is knitting a scarf from Cascade 220. One row at a sitting. Being 7 means being on the go.
The bad news? I am covered in Pois0n Ivy. I weeded one of the front gardens and ,as usual, found myself covered from head to toe in weepy water blisters. I itch. I am grumpy. All I wanted was a small Condo-one pot of geraniums and maybe a fern for the porch. I got 130 acres of which , I swear, 129.9 is covered in Poison Ivy . Sigh. Caitlin keeps telling me to stop scratching-- 7 year olds think they are in charge of everyone. I keep singing"You're Not the Boss of Me" but ,like her mother before her, she knows she is.
I can't wait to start the baby sweater on the Harlot's blog. Rob is making up kits -you can nab one after me. It is so cute and like I said, everyone I know has a grown child having a baby.
Dan comes home in the am so I may actually get to Weds. morning knitting-alone.
Oh, (gawd, this is rambling) I also ordered yarn for the Polkadot circle coat from Berroco. It is on their website-the pattern-but you can't order yarn from them so I looked up all the LYS kn Michigan that carry that particular yarn(Boho Colors) and after 22(yes, I tried locally 1st) I finally scored Boho in Chili Pepper which is what the Blond Bomshell had her heart set on. It is alot like the circle jacket on the cover of Vogue last year. Busy, Busy.
Now I just need to find more hours in the day to knit-and I still need that nap.