Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hi Ho,Hi Ho, it's off to the warm south I go!

It is now official-I have a blog and Sarah Peasley has put my button on her blog!! Maybe more of you will find me now. Dan and I leave in the early am. for Savannah ,Ga. and Lady's Island, S. C.
A business trip combined with seeing our daughter and her family. It will be warm-I hope and sunny! I will get little knitting done-but will play lots of Sorry! and card games and read stories,etc. I also will get to look at lots of new jewelry at the convention and shop in Savannah while my husband takes seminars on how to be a better jeweler.
I love the area down there-not to mention the weather but I will probably only be there once more before they move to Quantico, Virginia. At least they are moving in the right direction-North!!!!! If anyone is moving to Lady's Island or Beaufort,S.C., let me know-I know of a great house for sale!!
Starting the collar on the shawl vest-the steek cutting and the armholes went well. Finishing up a moebeuis shawl and a few other projects that have been marinating forever.
Time to start packing-I am going to Guild tonight no matter what!!
Thanks, Sarah for making me official.