Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Questions Answered

I can't believe people are finished with projects already!!!! WOW!!!!

I've received some questions via e-mail and comments on my blog and thought it would be easiest to try to answer them here. Sorry if this is a delayed response, I'm a little out of commission right now and my sunny disposition is gradually wearing to a sideways crab walk with this cold/flu thing - I think I have the viral culprit identified - thanks DAD!!!

Am I adverse to acrylic or do I prefer natural fibers? No aversions here on anything! Now, I don't personally wear a lot of acrylic but if I had reflux and had a nasty habit of spitting and drooling over myself (at least on a regular basis), I would embrace acrylic. Machine washable is preferred just because I would loose it if I or someone accidentally threw a hand-wash only item into the washer and dryer and it came out a big felted mess.

What do I need most? This is a little tougher to answer. We know they are going to be born small and its very probable they will be in NICU for quite some time. Once they are home they will likely be living in onesies and sleepsacks and won't be taking too many outside trips because of their fragile immune systems and because of our impeccable timing in delivering them during RSV season. We will use everything and we are not picky people - if they are wearing diapers and clothes, we plan to consider that a successful day! My favorite piece of advice I've received was someone telling me how much their baby appreciated their butt wipes warmed, in which I responded, I'll be thrilled if they are wearing diapers and I can't even make promises that they will be dry - I don't hear much from this mom anymore ;) We hope to have them more social and out and about in the spring and I have been knitting spring/summer things in 4-8 month size and fall/winter things have been 8-18 month size but really it's gonna be a crapshoot because they may all grow differently. I'm known for wearing wool sweaters, felted clogs, and wool socks in 90 degree heat, so if any of them have my inability to regulate temperature, they could be wearing heavy hand-knits all year round!

Colors or matching outfits? I promised hubby that I wouldn't put bows in their hair or tiaras - but if they want a princess party without any prompting from me, I say, bring on the magic wands and glitter! We don't plan to dress them in matching outfits at the same time unless that outfit happens to be on the top of the clean laundry pile - again, I think we'll be happy if they have clothes on! Colors? Anything goes!

Again, we want to send out heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you!!!! We still just can't absorb being the recipients of such an amazing gift!


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