Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I wish there was some way that I could truly express our appreciation and gratitude to each of you for your knitting, kindness, prayers, and well wishes. We have been on a very long and emotional rollercoaster and now we are just counting down the days that we get to meet these two little guys in person. Nothing could have ever prepared us for the loss of Elija and we will continue to grieve for him. His brothers will always know about their brother and Noel and I have already discussed many ways that we can symbolically pay tribute to Eli so that he will forever be remembered.

Knitting is healing. Sara's post that closed with the quote by Elizabeth Zimmerman - ""Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises"" was something that really had an impact on me. With red swollen eyes I would just stare blankly at the the corner where my knitting bag sat and never thought I would ever want to knit again. The night before yesterday's ultrasound and testing, I was so anxious I decided to pick up the sock using the yarn that Susie made for me called "Kristi's Hope" and I knit until I passed out with exhaustion. I wore the same handknit socks to the appt. as the ones when we were told we were pregnant on May 30. Hubby wants me to wear them until November 17 but I told him that could be a health hazard but did decide that I will wear them for the delivery.

Many of you have shared with me your own personal loses and tragedies and how knitting was a way for you to celebrate their lives and remain connected to that person - to grieve. I couldn't agree more. It has been healing for us to watch this site in the past week and see knitters cheering on Eli's brothers or making donations to their local charities in memory of Eli. Besides being the most stylish boys you have ever seen, I can promise you that each item will be cherished and loved. I will be reminded every time they put on a bootie, cap, sweater, bib, or play with a toy, that each stitch made was made from the heart and that you all shared with us in this rollercoaster of both sadness and celebration.

Thank you to everyone. Words just can't capture our appreciation in being the recipients of such thoughtful gifts from such special people.

I look forward to presenting my next two FO's on November 17.


At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Rebekah said...

Now those will be the world's most wonderful FO"s ever, or at least your most wonderful FO's.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger KnitterBunny said...

We will wnat pictures you know. :)

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Kathy said...

What a beautiful post. And to have them arrive just before Thanksgiving...what a wonderful gift.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger AR said...

yeah, lots of pictures!!

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Heidi said...

I think that we are the ones who have been blessed in this experience by you allowing us to journey with you through your pregnancy. I sure can't wait to see those FO's!

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Diane said...

It's always so wonderful to knit for babies and it's been heartwarming to follow you through these last couple months on your road to parenthood.


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